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Nico Murray writes mostly about modern vampires, and steampunk vampires from a lovely, tiny flat in Toronto, Canada. She works as a goldsmith/jeweler designer/gem buyer and editor by day, as well as chasing after a tiny, adorable monster-child, S, assisted by her husband, R.
Nico is also quite passionate about travel, as an author, panellist, tourist and explorer. Somehow the Canadian government continues to let her come home, though she actively dislikes hockey and maple syrup. She is, in fact, fuelled entirely by cupcakes, caffeine, and the occasional shot of vodka.


I can be found around the net, being moderately mouthy and quick witted,



NicoVamp ( pictures and ramblings)  Tumblr.

Wattpad  Where my short stories live when I can’t find them a home.

Twitter AuthorNico

Facebook Author Page I don’t post here often, since Facebook’s algorithm is mean. I will see messages and respond.

email: nicomurray@foo.ca



I am now available for small editing projects, ( stylistic editing, proofreading, etc, primarily genre fiction) for a reduced rate. I have completed the Ryerson Chang Copy editing class, and as I build my skill base, I can assure you, you get a pretty clean edit, in short turn around, to fit small budgets.


  • Adora says:

    Name: Adora

    Subject: Houston Comic Con July 24-26, 25k+ in attendance

    website: spacecitycomiccon.com

    Email: adora@spacecitycomiccon.com


    message: Thanks for your time and consideration. OUr event is July 24-26 at the NRG center. YOu can check us out at http://www.Spacecitycomiccon.com We are expecting more than 20k in attendance.

    Our space prices are as follows:

    $250 for Artist Alley
    $600 for 10×10
    $700 for Corner booth
    $1300 for endcap or 10×20
    $2400 for an Island

    Please let me know if you want to be at our event. Together, we can come up with the best available location for your business.

    All the Best

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