Back into things

Well, back at my last year of studies, that is, a 2 year goldsmithing program. By day I bend and forge and solder metal. ( and rivet and mash and shape and polish).

I didn’t ever set out to become a fulltime author. Still don’t ever anticipate it.

But getting settled into the second novel and novella, and trying to find the right Point Of View to run with for each.

Funny thing, there’s a lot of places that say you must NEVER write first person. Its my belief there’s a lot of MUST NEVER rules that are arbitrary and stifling. I sat in on panels at Dragoncon where other writers seemed to constantly want re assurances that they could color a bit outside the lines their english teachers had drawn.

I was lucky, in that mine fairly encouraged it. I credit my junior/senior high school english teachers for teaching us to play with words, twist them, turn them, shape them. It probably made me the writer I am now. At least it laid the foundation.

So. Rambling. POV. Turning Night, I was told, never in first. But attempts to write it in proper third person but that was like driving a car with square wheels and no gas.

Bound Lilies just burst out in third, and it quietly insisted upon it, given the characters. Yes, its full on erotica, (AND HOW) but sex aside I was also playing with the themes of mind and physical control and all the delicious fun of healthy dynamics in a BDSM relationship.

Novel 2: untitled yet, is likely to follow the same as Turning Night though the camera shifts to a different character’s POV.

Novella 2: I don’t know! I’ve tried in both, but I’m not finding its feet yet. Continuity says it should be in third. But its one character, more or less, not the trio of Lilies, so I guess I need to write more.

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