Dragoncon 2012

We survived!!! A massive delay at LaGuardia unlike anything I’ve seen in my travels meant we got home 12 hours late. Oh, that was fun.

If you’re stopping by because you picked up a card at my booth, welcome! It was a fabulous kind of weekend full of shenanigans that would have put James the vamp to shame. As it should.

Anyway. What’s next? Back next year, with two new books, a sequel to Turning Night and a new novella as well.

I have 300 or so days to put those words down, so once I get my luggage unpacked, we’re off and running again and I cannot wait. I had so much fun with the first ones.

Releasing a book is rather intimidating, compared to my metalwork, but I took the leap, and its been a blast.

So, shall we do this all again? Of course.

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