2019 update

There hasn’t been a huge amount of news. Or there’s news and no time to write the blog posts!

Settling into Amsterdam/Haarlem Netherlands, and finding how much I just love it here, Haarlem is a city with character and oddities that some would find irksomely quirky but I feel like I can breathe here. ( that is when my son’s not hauling home the next cold bug. Seems like there’s an entirely different set of cold viruses here.)

We have furniture now, and I have a workspace and my day job is picking up speed, so in order to focus on that, I have opted out of travelling to the US for Libertycon, leaving my friends to hold the fort without me, as the studio needs one spendy machine, ( a faceting machine) and I’m trying to hoard money.

So.. decisions had to be made. There were some things that went on last year that gave me clarity of my writing path, and I’m not sure how big a role LC plays in it, ( or dragoncon).


Upside, KC and I have a new Lucia and Captain DeGraaf short story in “Press On, Saints” and we expect in a year’s time to be collaborating, if the universe throws us a break.

I’ve been writing, and have a draft of novel 6 sitting waiting for edits, in the more modern vamp timeline, and writing another in a retrofuture steampunk world with vamps, of course.

And then there’s a full on adult fairy romance novel co writing, and a slew of short stories as I meet up with the Amsterdam writers group each week.

Moving countries is, was a bigger challenge and leap and risk but it feels like it’s paying off so well.

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