Mega update.

Submitted something like 6 or 7 short stories since last november, travelled across europe, and then twice to the US and spent most of winter flattened by crud of one sort or another.

And then, we’re moving to Amsterdam in August. So yeah. Updates were scarce, huh? Boy did I save them up!

My son finished his first year of kinder ( we have 2 yrs of it in Ontario) and juggling a business and parenting, and yes, writing, left a lot of things just waiting in the air.

A short story for two markets were “not the right fit” and a third was “well written and enjoyable” but not the mark, and that’s fine. Still have three out on consideration and I have vague hopes for them. I mean, its all up to them.

Novels plonking along, short novels that is, and more short stories. Turning Night, Stealing Sunlight and Lilies will get a re edit working over once the dust settles, and we’ll see what happens.




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