2017 is over, 2018….

So the last few months of 2017 wound up consumed by my son starting school, shifting routines, submitted two short stories, well, three, with two rejections and one still in limbo.

I wrote a lot, on here and there and a few things.

And then we went on a massive trip. London-Paris-Zurich-Venice-Munich-Amsterdam-London and then home. I refilled the inspiration tanks, in a big way.

2018 I’ll be in Tuscon for a day job thing, at libertycon for a writer thing, at Dragoncon for a thing thing, and more writing, some novellas and novels to get done.

I started a new novel featuring Asher in his lifetime, inspired by my travels. I have other plans and a writing¬† to-do list that’s as long as it can get, and so, that’s the plan.

Aside from seeing Amsterdam and Haarlem, where it’s home for my soul, I also loved the mid winter train trip from Chur, Switzerland to Tirano Italy, over the Swiss alps. Its a Unesco Heritage thing with the bridges and all, and panoramic views of the Alps. It stops for 15 min at Alp Grum station – you’re now at 2,091m above sea level, and it was snowing, and so very silent and still. It was a wonder. And this trip is where I felt Asher ( and by extension, Isabel) had come from. So it’s time I tell his tale…

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