Travels ahead!

In four weeks I’m zipping off to NYC and Chattanooga, on a double-legged business trip. And some fun.

NYC is primarily my design and goldsmithing hat, including a visit to my favorite gem dealer ( well one of two) and some museum hopping and eating. I really like NYC and my only regret is that it never seems like long enough, and there’s more to do.

Chattanooga is home to Libertycon, which I think is primarily invaded by Baen authors, of which my coauthor on Horizon is one, and we’ve some merry times planned. I’m on no panels, but I’ll be one of I think, two canadians in attendance.

So that’s new. writing some manuscripts of novellas for pitching to a small press, and some short stories for fall.

My child is now asking for combat in Fruit Ninja so I have to go lose now…

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