Is it March already?

Indeed, yes it is!

Writing for a few anthologies, and mowing along on the 1k a day challenge.

The new year started off with me recovering from two rounds of strep, and some personal battles to fight off-line so while I was doing that, I just kind of let some non-critical tasks slide. I needed to concentrate and get my own head in order. ( i don’t have Asher around to help sort my jumbled head.)

Funny thing about a massive depression, and I’m kind of still crawling out of that and trying to find my way again. It isn’t something I really discuss online, not for fear of judgement, but that I prefer to deal with this alone. Not a great solution. I know. Some career punches kept coming and it just knocked me down.

So i went offline much to focus on myself.

In June I’ll still be at libertycon, and we’ve opted to skip dragoncon this year for reasons of travel and it was a sign we needed to take a different path, and we’re off to europe for a month and a smidge for a grand looping london-paris-milan-venice-munich-amsterdam haul where i’ll bask in the inspiration batteries being recharged. Travel does that to me.

Off to NYC as well, after libertycon.

Did an overnight dash to Montreal which, oh yeah, that was basically a clusterfuck. I got in way later than I expected, wiped out in the Montreal Metro, limped to my hotel, shuffled to a business meeting, drank, staggered back to the hotel over the city that was coated in a layer of glossy ice! and over slept, in agony, missed my train, begged mercy and go rebooked, after my hostel mate punched me in my sleep as I was snoring ( sorry, it was a damn rough day but really), and then get home to find I left my fave yoga top on the train.

Started a new diet and fitness thing and two weeks in…better. SOme of it’s all vanity, I want to buy nice clothes! some of it’s fitness, need to tackle stairs in NYC, London, Paris and all. Some of it is health ( i miss how damn fit I was in my 20s) and well, its all for me. One selfish venture and not for any outside approval. Yoga, swim, weights, elliptical. Get moving.

And writing, and designing. And I scaled back on the job search because that’s…a whole other trashcan of issues. The job market here is a mess. I’m in a bizarre situation so less said there, really.

So yeah. I was BUSY, putting a fractured life back together.

And now, to write. ( alas this does not count for daily fiction words. It sort of should, right?)

( ah hell, I’m counting it. I got a little behind, so I’m taking it.)

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