Edit/re writes to Turning Night/Stealing Sunlight

Edits to Bound Lilies, Winterblood.

Expand Nightshift,50k more, write next two sequels: 70k each,

Asher Historical

Bound lilies 2

Modern Day current series

Steampunk vamp erotica for BITR3

Canadian steampunk for Beyond victorian.

Ravenous-short story vampire, solarpunk-futuristic. Yes.


a fetish line of swank high end stuff. Think…Cartier goes kink.:D

A smaller collection that contacts in NYC want to see

a floral collection that can go more darkly goth or bridal.

Apply for a residency at a local studio.


Possibly montreal in Jan to meet with my roaming gem guy on his rare stop over in canada.

Libertycon tennessee ( not guest, attendee)

MAYBE? amsterdam/london/paris in spring

Dragoncon ( hopefully as pro attendee)

Would like to go to Sieraad Amsterdam November to advance scout it to show my work in 2018.

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