How to Write a Book.

I’m looking for full time work, since author-hood isn’t really ever a path to the big time ( I’m sorry if you were hoping it to be so) but I write because I’m not programmed to do anything else with my spare time.

Some people knit, some play hockey, others bake, I write.

Prospective employers ask “but how can this be?”

Well, a book takes roughly a year, sometimes a year and a half to come start to finish. It means a fairly regular habit of sitting down and not binge-watching Game of Thrones or Walking dead. ( I watch a lot of narrated documentary and fiction that doesn’t require ‘direct” watching).

It means organizing the cover art, the editing and the formatting, and then the marketing and promotion.

Frankly, after 5 books, these are skills any employer should be in awe of, but I seem to have trouble conveying that I do this because I like it, and because I make time for it, and I can see that massive logistical project through.

And I wonder, where do they think books come from?

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