Year end soon! New book soon!

Over the Night Horizon is almost done, and soon on the ebook shelf and amazon. Just finishing editing and formatting.

I’m super proud of this one.

2016 is shuffling to an end. I haven’t forgiven it for taking Bowie with it. I was watching some movie and Starman played and I just about blobblersobbed my face off. It was a mess. I was a mess.

Working on some new erotica, and anthology, and sort of trying to find a new novel idea in the mix. Always more of my characters having fun.

And recovering from what an ER doc called a”particularily aggressive” strep throat that I swear I lost three days of time being laid up. Not fun.

So here’s to new words, a new year and maybe selling some new work. ( next post, I think i have a deeper idea to explore on why my characters are what they are)

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