The plan for 2017 and beyond

Fired out a few resumes. This writer needs paid work. I like writing. I seem to do a lot of it. I’m told I do it well.

Pacing now just ahead of our eagle-eyed editor C, to clean up the stuff I know he’ll scold us to fix. That’s the thing with the draft, you write fast and mop up later. Mop-up is 2/3 complete, then it’s a quick grammar and punctuation check, then formatting.

The cover art brief has been submitted and will land on the desk in time.

The authors are juggling other writing projects. KC’s off and running and I have a list! there’s FIVE short story markets, a jewelery sub op and then there’s the trilogy to write, and I’m antsy to get back to the modern vampire series.

On the jewelery front, three collections in various stages of doing, there’s 6 different events/competitions/shows on the calendar for next year.

And two cons so far.

Catch is, kinda broke. Need more stable pay at this moment. I have a slew of post-pregnancy dental work to get done, and my Ipad croaked.

Additionally, I’m hoping to return to school to finish my BA in design, with a load of writing and editing classes, and knock down a few classes in gemmology.

All in all, a two-year plan, realistically. Maybe three with the writing load.  I’m not ridiculous! I have the road map.


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