Summer’s over!

Seriously happy to see the tail end of the oppressive humidity( which I can handle) and the wasps ( which I am absolutely terrified of). The wasps are hanging on, but hoping for a good cold snap to eradicate those aggro little things.

School’s back in, and this means the drop in parenting center. We did, and are continuing a book drive to restock their shelves because it serves so many people on a tiny after thought of a budget.

Working on some massive jewelery art piece collections, and editing Over The Night Horizon. Just sent off the cover art notes to the cover artist (Vyctoria), who’s done all but one of my covers.

Still waiting on publication dates for the pieces out this month.

I got home from Dragoncon and instead of taking a month to regroup, went completely head over heels into new work and continued work.

Its how things get done, right?

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