Post Con Wrap Up 2016

After seven years of vending, in the sprawl of the AmericasMart, I dropped that for several business and creative reasons ( dropping sales and wanting to focus more on high end art jewelery work).

So in my infinite wisdom, I volunteered on 5 panels.

  1. Chasing the Dragon: vice and addiction in the victorian era. Everyone else spoke on drugs and boozery and I was assigned the task of “sex trade” by means that I haven’t worked it, but I’ve lived in areas where it’s common/quasi legal. ( I am pro legalize/monitor/laws to protect workers and remove criminal control, btw.) for some good reference,┬áSex And Punishment, 4000 years of judging human desire, Eric berkowitz::

As well as Wikipedia:


Panel 2: Beyond Victorian: other culture/eras in Steampunk influence:

I spoke largely on my background in jewelery, but I sort of had in mind when pitching the panel, of exploring the places I’d been, to incorporate them into works. Other panelists covered that!

For jewelery reference that’s not expensive: is good for articles, and there’s a ridiculous abundance of books, and once the monsterman is in bed, I’ll put up a list. ( I have a good book but danged if I can FIND it at the moment.)

3: Steamy Steampunk Reading Hour: My goodness. Oh my. This went so well, aside from AmericasMart staff not letting people IN.

I should have had a shot of something…fortifying, beforehand. I started off a little fast out of the gate, till I found my groove. Eep. But I loved it, and I’ll read again!

Our host was beyond stellar, and if it had been a full room, that would have been fantastic.:D

The EFF tracks: niche marketing, essentially was “know your market” and I don’t do a lot of SEO and amazon futzing, to be honest. This probably doesn’t do wonders for my sales but I am not entirely motivated to constantly game the categories.

The second was “niche markets in ebooks” but somehow the panel went back to “niche MARKETING” so…I was largely stranded up there on a shocking full panel. Whoops.


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