Dragoncon 2016

My tenth dragoncon. I went from being a street team member for a band, to a vendor for 7 years, to this, a published author and goldsmith.

Its been a crazy trip.

That said: five panels this year:

In order of appearance:

  1. Friday Sept 2: 10pm: Chasing the Dragon: addiction in the victorian era.
  2. Sat sept 3: 6pm: internet marketing for authors. ( I know what DOESN’T work, haha).
  3. Sat Sept 3: 10 pm: steamy steampunk reading hour.
  4. Sun 10 am: Beyond Victorian, Alt hist in other cultures
  5. Sun 4pm: niche markets for authors.

So yeah, find me, say hello. 😀


Upcoming: october will be the release of “Blood in the Rain II” where my short story “Our Blood like Rain” will be in and it’s a scorcher. ( vamp erotica anthology). Link to come as soon as there is one.

Also, on the jewelery side of things: Lapidary Journal Jewelery Arts has an enamelling issue upcoming and I have an article in there. Again, link to follow.:D

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  • Hugh says:

    Hope the storm doesn’t play too much havoc with the con. I look forward to the steampunk story coming out.

    This is greatsword, btw – we interact very seldom where I’m not using that handle.

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