A midsummer’s writer’s lament

There’s never enough AC. And my balcony garden completely fried in the relentless heat. I long for some crashing thunderstorms and torrential rain, but while the first year here had astounding lightshows and we do get some flooding, but RAIN. PLEASE rain.

It’s the only thing I miss about Vancouver: the rain. Sigh.


Our Blood Like Rain was inspired by my many many nights of clubbing in Vancouver way back in the late 90s and early 2000s. I once tried to flirt with this gorgeous lad with prosthetic fang caps. Alas, nothing came of it and I honestly don’t know where he went, because he just vanished. Ah well.  A friend runs many fetish events too, so just as I was finishing the tale, he’d briefly taken on ownership of a club much like the one Isla frequents.

Over The Night Horizon is on its way to finished, a full novel that we’re going to do some publicity and talking to publishers and agents at Dragoncon as well as a reading from. Co Auth and I were mapping out the plan for the book. Given the publisher interest for the other NightShift novel work, we might have a thing on our hands.

New up,  a sequel to Bound Lilies. James/Julia/Ash. Oh the fun.

And I think I have fragments of Asher for a novella too, so there’s that. I feel the need to write more of him.

I’m probably attending LibertyCon next year, in Chattanooga,TN,. and maybe one or two other smaller level cons in the US so if you have suggestions I’m totally up for say west coast. I’ve friends in Seattle I haven’t seen in oh-so-long.

Would like to land one more sale this year but given the long timelines, I think I’m stretching into next year here on that goal.

I don’t have all the answers to success, but I think it’s this constant throwing out of bait traps and hopefully something comes up other than a shoe or a hubcap. So…off to set more traps. How very maritime lobster fisherperson. Heh.


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