“Our Blood Like Rain” to Blood in the Rain 2 ( a vampire erotica anthology). To say I’m beyond happy is an understatement, and I’m absurdly excited for this one. I poured all I could into that tale and I suspect you’ll see more of Isla and Soren at some point, sometime. I think they have a spark, that I can’t leave unwritten. Oddly, I’d changed their names at one point, because I have Isabel and Loren in Winterblood, but the new names didn’t fit the characters, so I had to change it back. The new names were an ill-fitting suit, and it bothered me for days. Funny how that works. Still, I’ll try to ensure the two pairs paths don’t cross. Not much. ┬áIt IS quite racy, without being crass, and I’m quite proud of it, because I actually like writing erotica/romance and it’s so much fun.

I’m on four panels so far at Dragoncon, and this is always tentative till the last minute so more on that later.

I opted not to pursue the pitmad twitter pitch inquiries, holding the steampunk stuff back for some expansion of Nightshift, and finishing the new one, which I think has the working title “Over The Night Horizon” and we’re ALMOST done that, 11.5 k as of this second, to get it to the 70k min that the publisher we’re hoping to speak to will take.

I have more short stories, and it’s a matter of working them and then finding their homes but so far everything short I’ve pitched has gotten a bite and sold! and the longer work is netting some midlevel interest and finally I feel like maybe all this work is getting somewhere.

I am writing 4-5 days of seven, because summer and life and travel and I’m constantly battling heat-fatigue since the Philadelphia Airport Bake Off at Terminal F.

Even scored a job interview in my primary field, so I’m feeling a tad less anxiety these days that I’ll be spinning my figurative clockworks forever.

Ok. The words call, and I’m making some convention plans for next year, too. Should be fun. Let’s continue this adventure, shall we?

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