The state of the workload

Today I’m updating my submission package for the Nightshift series, and getting around to plotting out the full word-count boost.

So currently projects circling the ether:

  • Nightshift expansion and edit.
  • Bound Lilies 2
  • Coauthored steampunk novel: today: put scenes in order, find title and cover ideas, start moving to final burst of writing and edits.
  • A historical romp/romance with Asher, leading to present day
  • After DragonCon I’ll start edits on Stealing Sunlight

And I think that’s mostly it, but things are ever in flux and projects shift priority as time and energy and deadlines loom.

The upside to my method is, when I’m stuck on one piece, I can shift to another. It seems to work.

And with that note, if my three trip pics ever arrive I’ll post them here, with the tale of Moosey2, who went to a book-promoter friend in North Carolina. I look forward to his moosely dispatches from the field.



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