Four Airports

I’m back home, from ConCarolinas and NYC. From “south” ( ish?) to the biggest city. I sure got my miles in.

First off. ConCarolinas. Unlike last year with lost luggage and Norovirus, this year was only a lost phone charger and the hotel’s AC failing on a grand scale. Met lots of people. Talked writing and books and steampunk and jewelery and had a good time.

That said, I think we’re not back next year, and I’m ok with that much. It’s a very long haul and expensive to do so and a few other factors I won’t disclose here. Its a lovely local con, so support them. Just not one for the very-out-of-town.

And hanging with friends. Always good.


On to NYC. That was fun. I navigated NYC transit myself, as my budget was tiny, made tinier as a CC card opted to recuse itself for random reasons. Sorted that out, eventually but by then I was “budget, yo” and went with it.

Got to my favorite gem place in all the land, and had a good long chat, as we browsed boxes of stones. I found some lovely stuff ( I erred again on the side of not excessive spending) and some stuff I should have gone back for….but a great enthusiastic afternoon of industry chatter and they love my work and isn’t that the best thing to hear?

Went to a couple musuems, Cooper-Hewitt Smithsonian and the Met, and I wish i’d had more energy and time for the Met, but shall return with S as he saw my map when i got home and was fully in awe.

Long travel days. The TSA stuff wasn’t too bad, given the timing of my flights, though it was clearly a growing clusterfuck when the airlines opened at 4¬†am and the line was already halfway down the terminal within 30 min and one screening station open. Mine was one of the first flights out so I was hauled from the line and shoved thru metal detector not the execrable scanner, and on my way.

Not much writing, as I was flat exhausted by the end of day, each day, though on the flights home I squeaked 1k words and did a twitter pitch to pub session, where THREE small presses are interested in the steampunk stuff and now I’m sort of wondering, since they garner that much interest, I should maybe aim higher, especially with the co-author on board and some contacts she has.

So, Toronto Pearson, Charlotte, Philadelphia, NYC LaGuardia, it was a slice. Well, Philly, for some odd reason terminal F was hotter than, well, eff, and left me feeling utterly grim, but I’m learning to manage the ground-based transport motion sickness better.

And it’s damn hard to catch a cab in Queens at 3 am.


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