Crud-free Living! ( and Con prep)

Well, after an ER visit and a course of antibiotics, the Small Man is now back on the rampage. One crisis managed.

Prepping for ConCarolinas and I started to come down with the same bug, so off to the GP with me and now that’s solved. Made up some temporary author/editor business cards for use, we’ll do nicer ones for Dragoncon, as the stash of original postcards is dwindling. Will likely do a new batch of postcards and business cards, since people prefer one or the other. ( I like postcards, not so easy to lose, business cards: easy to file. I indeed, DO file them away in card pocket/sleeves)

Next up, finish formatting two chapbooks for sale at Con, for the princely sum of “like, 2 bucks?”.

Another submission is off and awaiting it’s fate, and I’ve got a goal now to submit 12 things this year. I’m 5/5 on sending, and 1/5 on acceptance.

So with lunch and coffee and my to-do list in hand, here we go.

And if you happen to see me in my travels, I’ll be writing in spare moments but feel free to say hi. I don’t bite. 😀

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