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Part of a “read indie” on twitter, a fellow author gave me a rocking review. ( all honest). I will try to do 6-8 indies a year, so I started with his, and I’m enjoying it. I’ll have it done in a week or so.

“We both prefer the taste of lust, and it’s much more fun getting you there.” Julia is a researcher working to document the intricacies of vampiric anatomy. She fills dual roles for her undead friends, and performs as a Source, sating their more immediate needs. Nearing the end of her tenure, she accepts a unique proposal from two of the resident immortals, to be their Source for her final year. James & Asher take playing with their food to a more intense level.

A great bodice ripper with just enough angst and story to glue it all together. What I admire most about this book is how much it manages to convey without ever being vulgar. It’s all teasing and suggestion but you know exactly what is happening. It’s a great book for enjoying in small sips instead of chugging all the way through but even if you do run right through it, it holds up pretty well. I also appreciate that it is a much better depiction of a BDSM relationship than some more popular depictions. The theme of aftercare and acceptance of identity is very strong in the book.

For some negatives: there are a few spelling errors and typos, a bit more than might be preferred, but never enough to actually take you out of the story. So, for me at least, it is a forgivable offense. Especially since that can still be fixed these days. By the time you read this comment, they may be updated away. A bit more serious for me, I felt like James and Asher, the two vampire lovers in the book, took a significant amount of time to distinguish themselves from each other. Until a bit past the halfway mark I had some trouble distinguishing one from the other in my memory. Partly, it doesn’t matter, they come as a set anyway, but I could have stood to have them be a bit more individualized quicker.

Julia, the mortal lover, on the other hand leaps right into full definition as the viewpoint protagonist. It is easy to slip into her head and her explorations provide an enjoyable framework for everything to settle around. While most of her life outside of the trio’s meetings is implied, the small parts given are enough to to extrapolate her world. She feels very comfortable and very human, even in the midst of a larger than life tryst. Her responses, while focusing on the erotic aspects, have the nods to reality that make it all feel realistic.

All in all, if you enjoy the premise for the book, I think you’ll end up enjoying the book. It delivers exactly what it promises.

I should say: that while I got this book all on my own accord, since buying it, I started following and talking to the author on social media. So, I do sort of know her a little bit online at this point. But I don’t think that has altered my feelings about the book.



for the record: Eben’s book is here and I’m 1/3 in and hooked.  http://www.amazon.com/Hidden-Maiden-Eben-Mishkin-ebook/dp/B00UNXWB60/

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