May Already?

Seriously, 2016 is rolling by.

Edits crawl along on Turning Night and the second half of 2016 will be my massive rewrite on Stealing Sunlight, with help of Editor Nonny. A short story was groomed to perfection and is now snuggled up with other hopefuls in the arms of an anthology, and an article pitch got accepted so that’s been shoehorned into the schedule.

Collab novel is nearing end of the first draft, then we rewrite, edit, polish, then I take on the task of cover art and formatting. We have some lead time here so it’s not a huge crunch.

Now just prepping for NY/NYC, and searching for an internship so I can pick up experience and be useful. Everyone wins.

That’s sort of how things get done. You get down to work, hunt down the opportunities and hopefully it comes back in your favor. I’ve stepped up effort and I’m starting to see some results, so…back to the word mines I go.

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