The upside and downside to the digital age

Upside: writing, editing, submitting, publishing is largely on-the-fly, no more need for SASE’s, and long mail times and paper and printing. Ebooks, fast research, access to knowledge.

The downside: When someone torrents your ebooks.

That was a surprising find. It was Bound Lilies, which I had set as free, so I’m not overly bothered, but I did remove that setting and sent a takedown notice.

Then the two EU ebay auctions, one for Winterblood, at almost 3x retail. As far as I can tell, they’re legitimate. Short of buying the book, I wouldn’t know.

Finishing a short story for submission this weekend, and more work on the steampunk coauthored novella. I’ve seen more and more articles of merits of books in the 20-60k range and that’s my ideal writing space, so I’ll definitely work more in that range for sure in the future.


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