Counting down the weeks

In june I’m off to ConCarolinas to do the panel and guest and visit friends thing. I’m well aware of the political issues, but Concord/Charlotte/Raleigh isĀ full of wonderful people who aren’t big on discrimination so maybe reason will prevail with the leaders. One can hope. ( and how I take this sort of issue for granted here).

2 day stop over in NYC, jewelry gem shopping, hit some museums to gawp at the jewelry collections.

One more month of this copy editing class, and then I’ll do Stylistic Editing next. Just knock out the 8 classes as I can.

Almost finished first draft of a really racy short for submission. half-done the steampunk collab, and editing sort of crawling along.

Juggling kid/life and Techdad being unwell, and time is not my friend. Forever running out of time.

On the flip side if stuff doesn’t get accepted, I have a growing backlog of short stories.

Really do need to get that agent. That’d help.


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