A year ago, I said “I don’t think I can do steampunk.” I mean I love the aesthetics, my design work is a wild mash of medieval and art nouveau, but I didn’t “feel” steampunk even as I really liked some of the stuff.

I wasn’t into flat brown palettes, and I was sick to death of the crumpet and flintlock victoriana. And then, I think it might have been “the windup girl” where its a future, with tech and its still so not tech at the same time. Retrofuture. Yes. And hey, a dutch lass and a mixed race vamp airship captain who isn’t a pirate and has a nice standing in society even if maybe not 100% a fit-in for the society, the immortals serve a purpose.

And then things started to gel. Once I started drawing on some wider cultural inspirations ( largely from my own travels and my own background), and a dash of sci fi gone stylish, ( I’m also a sucker for good design, style and function) and it all clicked.

So now NightShift is a trilogy, and my collab writer (Kacey) and I, have this tale that predates Nightshift but opens up some of the groundwork where Nightshift starts.

And frankly I’ll stop writing THAT when people beg. I’m also amused by solarpunk, oddly. me, she who cannot keep a houseplant alive, and how would my characters adapt to that? Who knows. Its on the writing ideas for NEXT year.

Had a long talk via messenger on what’s left to write for this thing, and where to go with it and wrap it up and edit and do we shop it around and “that scene of flirting was the hottest sexy non sex scene of ever.” (Yeah. Kinda it was. Keeping those two apart is harder than you’d think.)

Anyway. Romance, adventure, bitey, explosions, mayhem, Vampires, ladies, thievery, betrayal, more nuns, and its been fantastic.

Editing on Turning Night, and Stealing Sunlight gets up on the table next for a workover. I feel I let the plot down on that one, because I was in some other headspace.

Onward. And some jewelery work to do, which has been delayed since I wasn’t in the mood to limp to the hardware store for a can of butane for my torch.

Editing class going well. I’m learning, and scoring alright on quizzes and just handed in my first assignment. I felt like I could have gone further with it but that would have been beyond the scope of the assignment itself.

Still. Caught some gnarly spelling errors.:D One at the last minute.

Ok. Friday, I may test out using google dictate, and see if that helps with the wordy backlog in my head. Walk around talking to myself. Sure.

( and knee healed. don’t need much physio either. yay.)

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