Minions and grammar and antiquities

Could use some. Actually, stuck at home with a mostly out-of-sorts little guy, another cold, so we watch that at least once a day. Upside, it’s still funny the 100th time to me.

Aced a proofreading and grammar quiz, despite not reviewing as much as I liked, and the whole sick spouse/life, scored a respectable 84%.

Truthfully, I know a sentence sounds wrong or right, but my technical grammar knowledge is ‘potato’. I am learning. I can, however, discern UK englishisms from canadian, from american, and I can reasonably work in dutch, and I understand language in all its fluidity and contradiction and when the rules are basically ‘here be dragons.”

84%, and I think the marking on mine was a tad overzealous and a few “tired and missed that” errors.

Another interview coming up. Really excited for this one.

Currently up late researching idly, medieval and ren clothing and jewelery, and playing with a steampunk flair for them.


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