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Finally hammered out 1000 words of a short a friend and I are co-writing. Long evening in an editing class earlier.

I know OF a person who kickstartered a book, lined up with a publisher, to the tune of 10k to buy  writing time, and reference texts and the proposal on paper looks stellar.

That was 2012. They attended events as “an author”. Promoted their upcoming book.They run a blog,twitter, social media, so its not a case of not being able to write.

And the years roll by. My husband was a contributor to this, and people start asking “where’s the book”. Then the promises, a hard deadline in Dec 2015. A new hard deadline in March. Deadline’s now July.

Now I could say “they got in over their head writing a book. They had delays. I stopped writing for about a year with my pregnancy of hell.”

But here’s the damnable thing:

It’s listed at 190 pages.

Thats 225 words per page. ( go with the estimates here.)

42 750 words. ( less than nanowrimo)

Now. 4 years. lets go 4 days a week. i write 5, but hey, take friday off too, whatever. So that’s 192 writing days a year. A page a day would get that book done in draft in one year. We’re going on year 4, of a fairly simple to compile book.

4 years: 768 days.

42750/750 ( extra days off): 57 words a day.

Still think writing a book isn’t possible? 57 words. That’s…a couple of tweets a day.


Average for me is 500-1500 on fiction, 5 days a week. I fell into the habit and my fingers get wiggly if I don’t write, my brain won’t let me sleep if I don’t write.

I could perhaps just go write that book myself. I think I’m mostly annoyed at the fraud of it all, and the ever extended deadlines and no apparent message of “I’m writing.” That you had a publisher and a largely paid up front book and you can’t find the discipline to park your backside and work? It makes me fairly apoplectic.

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  • Jaylee James says:

    That gives me a headache. Omg. If someone paid me $10k to write a book, the book would be WRITTEN let me tell you. :O I mean, maybe the person thought “hey writing a book isn’t hard” and it wasn’t so much lack of time as it was lack of talent/passion/ability? Who knows. That sucks either way. :/

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