Museum days and writing days

Current work in progress:

  1. A Shanghai set novella with Isabel’s daughter and granddaughter.
  2. Sequel to Bound Lilies.
  3. Stefan and Evelyn’s story. The baddies, this time.:D
  4. A current day novella about a mortal that REALLY wants in on the gig, and Asher takes upon himself to test this mortal’s mettle.
  5. Sequel to Stealing Sunlight.
  6. 2 different short stories for erotica collections, to submit and hopefully sell: 1. Meg and Asher in london, and Lucia and Simeon in some North American city.
  7. Cleanup work on the 4 published stuff for re release. Editor and I working on the first two books, and I’ll do the novellas.
  8. Expand NightShift to 200 pages
  9. write 2 and 3 of Nightshift
  10. Collab story in the NightShift universe about 100 years before Thea and Oliver,
  11. chapbook on basic metalsmithing for costuming for con panels I’m on.

All in various stages of written/planned/outlined/drafted.

Hope to do 3-4 more publishing program courses, ( there’s 8 total to take)

Then there’s a design project with a friend, who is cutting gems for the project. A couple steampunk pieces for Dragoncon. And sketching some other design ideas to start building a portfolio.

So tomorrow when S and TechDad are off at the Museum, I’m staying OFF my leg so my knee can heal. 2 more weeks till they re x-ray it, and hopefully it’s cleared to do rehab.

Thursday is a networking event/dinner by my college alumni association.

So that’s the year’s work, staring me in the face.

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