Travel plans, guest bloggers,

Behold! everyone’s on the road to recovery! The ER was most expedient as could be with the other Adult, all things considered. One of the nearby ER’s had a massive water leak and was shut down, so ours was completely backed up. Still they fed the Sir some fluids and meds and scanned his noggin.

I’m in a knee brace for two more weeks. AUGH. Never take stairs for granted.

Managed to get a rejection for a piece, but a Kindly Rejection and one other piece is still out in the ether. Plans for several more submissions this year. I’m not being rejected for “terrible writing” at least, just not the ideal fit?( do they tell you if your writing’s horrid?)

Edits crawling along, editor is sorting out some life-tangles and I told her to focus on that first. I have a ton of work to occupy my head as it is.

Booked my ticket to ConCarolinas, where I’m doing the artist guest ( not author but there’s one panel i may get roped in on). ¬†On the way home, a 2 day stop over in NYC to do some gem shopping, especially at one place that I went to ages ago. A candy store of gems for me.

Friend gemcutter has an open invite for me to go visit and see the process, and that’s in Chile, so I’m going to try that for November. He’s got some gems in process for a collaborative project we’re doing.

And finally, there’s likely to be some guestbloggers visiting and I’ll get a tabbed page set up for that, as well as go tag all my entries. There’s my work for Monday.

Tonight, just some writing.

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