The House has fallen.

I’m on the busted list, husb just fell to some variant stomach bug. Small human un-affected.

Off to catch up on copyediting work, and tonight, more writing and plot stuff.

My time runs mostly like this:

Monday and Friday: my work days. S is packed off to Pre k, ( we’d like to do FT but that’s a whole other issue)

Tuesday and Thursday we go to the drop in playroom for part of the day. Wednesday for one more week, a museum class. Culture the kid.

Sat and sun are family day and dadda and kid hightail it to the art gallery.

Evenings once S is in bed, I write, edit, plot and I have about 2 hours in that time to work. Emails, contracts, etc, get done during the day when I have moments.

Tuesday is also my copy editing class, and writing really doesn’t happen when I get home from that.

Still manage to get a considerable amount of writing done. Never enough but I make a dent in that pile of ideas.


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