Hop along.

Nothing like the dread of a second wipe out. In 3 weeks I go back to the fracture clinic and hopefully move to the rehabilitation part of this whole absurdity.

Busy writing, summaries, synopsis, collaboratives and I need to get a hop on a 50 page piece to do for a workshopping class this summer.

While working with my soldering torch ( a hydroflux welder, uses oxygen) I’d recalled the cryptic instructions. “in case of explosion do not panic.”

Well, hey, if you don’t bleed out the pressure when you’re done, the whole unit burps with a merry loud BANG! and hops on the spot. File under the ever growing list of “things I will not do again: forget to release the pressure.”

Having now caught up on a slew of admin work, time to do some dutch duolingo and go to bed. ( prepping for a potential sometime this year, we hope, please, move to either amsterdam or copenhagen or brussels. Though in the second case, I’d start mowing through Danish.)

A gem cutter friend has offered an open invite to see him do the gem cutting, in Chile so I’d like to do that too this year. Now that one major project is shelved, I’m working with him on a design project and doing a sketch of the piece mentioned in the writing collab I’m doing.

All while hobbling along, like a Literary version of House. Me and my stylin’ cane.



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