Turning Night Going Live

I’ve pushed all the buttons and filled all the boxes to make the Internet Monkey start printing books.

The monkeys move at different speeds, but all the Amazons (.com, .it, .co.uk, etc) should have the print version of the book and the Kindle version in the next ~48 hours.

If you can’t wait 48 hours to push a button that says “BUY” you can visit the CreateSpace site and buy the print version now for $15.

Amazon will be the same price, or roughly thereabouts in other currencies.

Electronically, Turning Night will be available exclusively through Amazon for the first 90 days. We’ve set it the price there to $5.99 when it goes live. There is no DRM on the Kindle book, and it’s going to be available to lend as well.


ebook 978-0-9879303-3-0

paperback 978-0-9879303-1-6

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