Writer in need of hard hat

My charming preschooler managed to nearly break my nose this morning. Its been a long day so any ambition has long fled for the hills.

A new collaborative writing project in the steampunk AU has hatched, and Lorem Books, that’s us, we’ll be putting together a small anthology of stories with some writer friends.

Second week of class, went well enough. Nothing I can’t handle, learning a lot. Put in my form for ‘official” registration in the Publishing program, and there’s a quiz next week so some of my time will be spent reviewing for that.

And more edits, and I desperately need to get back to some complete slog out the words new writing.

And building a brooch for a competition/show, working on a custom order, finishing character jewelery sketches.

Working my way through Duolingo dutch. Surprised how much I do remember from three months immersion.:D

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