Things are afoot!

Applications are going in to events. I missed the TCAF application by months! Next year for that one.

Waiting for others to open, or reply.

A gemologist friend is sending a batch of stones for me to do some design magic with them, in a really neat art nouveau inspired design collection. Like I need more reasons to fall down the wiki-hole, but also finding details to add to the character collection. A locket, a pendant, more rings.

So far, 2016 is nebulously busy. I need to take a break from edits to do some writing this weekend.

Finally watching Orphan Black in binge-format and still kind of amused that it’s filmed locally and makes little secret of that fact. Enjoying it, and watching for familiar landmarks. Its like being in Vancouver and having X files filmed on my doorstep once again.

Not sure what local cons we’ll do. I’m just starting the publishing program at Ryerson to help Lorem Books grow, and I am excited for the future of micro-press! publishing.

And planning some Dragoncon costuming and one of a kind pieces. I need a steampunk tiara. 😀

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