editing progress

I have completed my pass of Turning Night and it’s in the hands of editor Nonny who is going to double check that we didn’t miss anything. While she’s on Turning night, I’m now halfway through an edit of Stealing Sunlight.

The poor book. We tried so hard. I was eyes deep in illness with a pregnancy of hell, and flat out MISSED stuff, turns out 600 calories a day does things to your mental acuity.

But in re reading, I’m finding little threads to pick up, little details I wove in that I had sort of forgotten all about.

Once the two novels are done, i’ll do a solo check of Winterblood and Bound Lilies, ( unless i find budgetary wiggleroom) but my editing skills are far more finetuned now.

Ok. Back to work. So many words and so little time. And somewhere in all this, a trio of design projects, and some new writing.

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