We don’t strictly celebrate christmas at my house. We do spoil the small one and we did take him to see the Yorkdale Mall Fashion Santa, who in my view, is more cool than your traditional santa and by coincidence, freaked out the wee gubbin a whole lot less.

(S’s gifts are stashed, I have to wrap them tonight). Gift cards and holiday cards are being handed out. For years we asked nothing and did nothing and having the Small One, lo…he gets a kick out of it so now we sort of casually participate.

Progress on Turning Night’s re-edit is going….well. I mean, there’s some major glitches with the fact that Google docs simply cannot, and will not deal with a novel size document without protest, and the sharing/collab settings are not conducive. I’m finding more and more there’s no real good editor/writer novel size work sharing system. Tried Libre Office and Open office: nope. Word? nope. never again.

Editor is grabbing a project on tight deadline, so its not me making her toil through the holidays. I’ll finish what I’m currently doing for Turning Night, and move to the next book, as well as find SOMETHING! to work on for a longer-fiction workshop course starting end of january, that we need 3 chapters to submit for class mauling.

Then it’s one more class for that writer’s certificate, and I’ll be starting the Ryerson publishing program one as well.

What currently mystifies me is why googledocs flags mundane words: liver, sunlight, and random character names: flags Asher, then doesn’t, flags James, then doesn’t. And WHAT in all the nine hells happened in formatting that we lost so many periods at the ends of sentences? I know I put them there.

I blame the wee red jerk “elf on a shelf”. Yeah. I have no idea.

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