A tale of two edits

When I wrote Turning Night, I honestly had no idea I’d print the book, self pub or traditionally, I had no idea I’d go on to write three more in the universe it’s in, and more on the way.

So back then, we didn’t use an editor. ( we, me the writer, husb the formatter/wrangler of data). We couldn’t afford one. We knew there was a lot on the line doing this ourselves, so we honestly edited to the best of our means.

And this frustrates me when people come down on indies/self pubs, because editing can run hundreds, thousands. I don’t blame people for skipping it. I’ll let a lot more pass when its an indie amazon than say “waddling waterfowl of cold climates” print.

We lucked in now, to an editor building her client list/rep so that’s why we’re doing them now.

I remember leading up to the print deadline for TN, and I’d edit till the sun came up, nap, edit more. Husb would come home from work, check my flagged edits, add his own. I’d nap, do another round of checking.

It went like this for two weeks.

So yeah, we try.

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