Nano is done!

Thing done. I was working on 4 projects this year, the bulk of it on Red Pearls, a shanghai set vampire thing, with Anna and Asher and some new faces, and on the second of three parts for Nightshift. Towards the middle when I started lagging, a short bit of a test sequel for Bound Lilies, and then another story that was chomping around for attention (a mortal who really would like to join, Asher’s going to do everything to dissuade him).

While the NaNo writing sets aside for a bit, to stew, I’m working with an editor to do a much delayed re-edit of Turning Night and Stealing Sunlight, ( the story won’t change but the typos will be vanquished).

I think out of 53k I wrote, about half is salvageable, and the rest needs massive edits but is workable.

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