Issues and words

I’m running three days behind on NaNoWriMo. Today was eaten up by wrangling the non-logic rabbit warren of governmental offices. They do not really like it when you point out a logical inconsistency in their bureaucracy.

Typo of the day: Immortal keeps coming out as Immoral. Which while accurate, isn’t anything like the right word.

Previously a character named Simeon was constantly typed as Simone, to the point I started to apologize to the manuscript.

Top it off, sent an email and when I went to hit a space break, it “sent”.

It’s been a day. My building door’s automatic sensor often refuses to acknowledge I exist so I was prying open the door while on the phone with another call. Maybe modern vamps have that issue. Automatic doors, taps, etc? I don’t exist. Its weird.

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