The road from here leads to all places

Of course it would be that NaNoWriMo happens to be as ever, the busiest of months.
I’m on course to hit 50k in new words, though some days that’s a challenge.
Finished my writing class, 2 more to go for this certificate thing ( a personal goal, really).

Pretty certain I’ll tackle the Publishing program so we can grow Lorem Books, and do it with some degree of know-how. My self-editing skills are better.

There is a long term game plan here, and it’s one I considered when I stepped back on some events, to focus on other work I wanted to do.

In the not unlikely event of relocation to foreign shores, I do need to consider work skills and that is part of the larger picture when I stepped back from the biggest vendor event I do every year. I sometimes feel like I’m scattered and consigning myself to two never ending cycles of con-ed but welcome to the new workforce, like I said. Even my husband’s in that constant upgrade cycle.

Its been an interesting trip so far. I have jewelery commissions and a design competition piece awaiting.

And since none of this counts as “new words”, I’m off to write. I left some characters in a subway tunnel service room in Shanghai and I imagine they’d like to be let out.

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