1/3 of Nanowrimo

I’ve gotten out to some events, and that’s been fun, and a few more on the horizon. Doing ok, staying just ahead of things.

Managed to crack my hand in a fast closing door and bruised up the joint and tendon in my middle right finger.

Then ipad and the app decided they’re no longer on speaking terms.

current writing projects:
1. A sequel to Bound lilies. ( I confess I have no idea if this will work out to anything)
2. A novel, featuring Anna the mortal medic. This one’s being run through some of the workshop gamut with my writing class.
3. A shanghai set paranormal modern thriller with Finley, who’s descended from Isabel ( isabel’s granddaughter, really).
4. Several short stories in bits all over the ipad program.
5. part 2 of nightshift with thea and oliver sailing off on adventure.

for now, anyway. My nano goal is 50k of new words overall, the bulk of it on the books 2 and 3 in the list.

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