After Dragoncon I signed up for a “short story writing, level 2) course at Ryerson. We’re at the halfway mark on that, and it’s been an interesting, pleasant and maybe sometimes awkward challenge.

I like the prof’s bluntness. I do think I’m the giant weirdo genre writer and its an odd mesh in a class full of people more real world literary fic/spec fic bent. But I got some interesting and constructive feedback to take forward in the rest of my work.

I don’t agree 100% with some of the assessments, namely “You have to make the reader believe IMMEDIATELY! that the fictional world exists or the fictional creature exists.” I believe that a reader should understand that I have to convince you, but to hold an open mind, bear with the first chapter, and accept when you open the cover, that you want to be convinced.

I don’t typically “spell” things out as clear as I should? Overall the course does reaffirm I’m not the worst writer of all time, and I have zero interest in being published in the New Yorker, either. I am happy as a genre goofball.

But overall, for a group that doesn’t read modern vampires, the feedback was good. Unlike that disastrous writing crew where my work got, well…,mocked.

I’ve been writing fairly consistently the last few weeks, 5/7 days of the week and tackling the in class writing prompts with all the brains I can muster. I’ve never been a prompt-writer. But damnit, I’m doing this.

Nanowrimo looms and I’m of a few ideas on that. more on the next post for that one.

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