Regroup, recharge, and here we go again.

Getting some studio space cleanup done post Dragoncon, as usual.

One bookshelf started to collapse under the weight of books so I guess we have to deal with that next.

Started working on the second part to Nightshift, ( sort of envisioning a series of short tales on that front). Started what I think will be the third book in the main series, and I’ve got the character and idea in mind for the third in the novella series.

And a writing course that might kick my backside from here to wherever. But that’s what I signed up for, isn’t it?

No new events. We opted out of Word on The Street, it wasn’t much of an event, people flocked to the pulp book by the pound stalls and the religious/political stalls, and the indie writers always seemed an afterthought, and last year with ONE person at the booth, it wasn’t a good event, and the TIBF folded, but they were great and that was a blow. Dragoncon’s a year away, and Concarolinas almost as far.

So I’m reeling from a really busy year to a complete standstill on events.

But it’ll be fine. Something new always appears.

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