Dragoncon 2015 report:

The highs:
The book reading! An awesome, yet nerve wracking experience akin to jumping out of a plane, but I’ll surely do it again! At one point though, there was A/C blowing down the back of my neck and my mouth went so dry that I believe my tongue stuck to the roof of my mouth.

A costuming panel I was on, also cool.Still feel like I’d crashed it because I didn’t have the name card or anything and yet I was listed so I was there. No one chased me away.

A goodly amount of liquor consumed.
A goodly amount of sleep deprived.
Lost my passport. Found my passport. managed to deactivate 12 hotel keys. We also had a massive suite, and that was lovely.


The lows: some less than pleasant people, a terribly awkward room party we didn’t stay long, and the horrendous drop in sales in the vendor hall so I am out of the vendor rat race so I can concentrate on my other goldsmithing and writing work, and do costumes, panels, and visit people. It was an easy decision, and yet, not easy, but I’m ok with it and thats what matters. I will be diving into editing and writing, and lots of good things coming including a new novella in the modern vamps thing and another installment for Nightshift.

Like the Marriott Carpet says, “change is good”.

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