Keep moving. Keep writing.

So the steampunk vamp thing has a title “Nightshift” and a new cover coming, yes, just for this wee 75 page tale!

I’ll reveal that soon. Honest. I’ve seen the preliminary work and I’m mighty pleased.

Started a Facebook closed group for the writers in my midst and it seems to be thriving very well and that’s happy-inspiring.

My short story I submitted, was rejected, but all is not lost, I’ll expand and re work it taking into account the great feedback i got, and win some lose some. That’s how it goes.

I think after Dragoncon, I’ll take a shortstory writing class from the university right at my doorstep ( well one of em, I’m smack in the middle), and fine tune the skills. I know my weak spots, I just don’t always see them! or know how to fix them. And socializing is good.

Ok. Time to hit the words. I’m kinda pushing the deadline for the short story for Dcon and I am schedule to read an excerpt there too.

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