Progress and inspiration

Really getting into the steampunk vamps. By happy accident, and maybe subconcious thinking, instead of full on neo-victorian fare, I went with some solid elements of dutch flair, ship names, words, etc. I figure England has had its time in the light. Mind you I also threw in ideas from locations in Tel Aviv, Shanghai, Beijing, Xi’an, and its a nice multi cultural stew going on.

So no crumpets here. Maybe some poffertjes.

The holiday back to Vancouver was nice, and we survived, albeit bruised, jet lagged and sunburned.

I had used memory of detail from my years in Vancouver for a story set there, and it was nice after the fact to feel like I had gotten it mostly right.

So next up, a 75 page or so steampunk “quickie” for Dragoncon, and I just talked to my mainstay cover artist and we’re set…

Just need a title. Oh. Oh dear.

And feedback from beta readers has been pretty resoundingly enthusiastic so there’s that going for it.

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