A surprising road

I like steampunk. I like the aesthetic, for sure. Oh my, ladies in corsets and men in fine coats!

But I sort of assumed I couldn’t really write it, and then I threw myself on the grenade of getting REALLY involved in some design work and writing and so I thought I’d give it a shot with my characters and in a steampunk alt universe.

( well not Sascha and James and Ash and Rachel, but same style vamps)

I’m having great fun with it. I suppose my error may have been in thinking too far into the “victorian tea and crumpet manners” flavor steampunk and reading lots where the tech is still quite old, and I dived in playing with airships and genetic modification and future tech, gone retro style.

I also confess I might also be thinking more “The Windup Girl” by Paolo Bacigalupi ( eek check spelling. Score. Got it on the first try.) and less “wild west”.

So currently the writing production has been a scatter shot of short stories and possible novellas so I can’t even predict at this point what’s coming up, aside from the steampunk thing for dragoncon.

But new stuff IS coming. Just a matter of time. I’m clocking 500-1500 words most days.

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