be daring

So I wildly, daringly, impulsively offered to join a panel reading some racy stuff for the night crowd at a con, and it’s steampunk track.

Well. They accepted my volunteering of myself as tribute! I’m prepping a few different excerpts, and writing an AU with some of my vamps in a steampunk land and that’s been some merry fun even as I was certain till last week I could never write that genre.

The last time I did any reading from my work was a cold little cuban music club in Vancouver, where it was november so every time the door opened, my teeth chattered like a cartoon skeleton.

This time, everyone will be or anticipating drunkeness so its ok, right? It’ll be fine. Sort of weird but nothing ventured nothing gained.

This year has been a parade of small career highs: I got to work on a massive chainmail group project in my “dayjob”, and my first round as a panellist at Con Carolinas, and my first Meh review (its ok!) and now my first dcon panels as guest not audience.

So now, I think I’ll have to find something to wear to get into the spirit of it all.

I forgot to charge my ipad so not writing tonight.

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