Reviews are funny beasts. I love them when they’re fantastic, and then I feel like I got smacked when they’re not so good.

I knew the day was coming, and I got one. But honestly, it’s not all bad, and in some aspects I even agree with their assessment, to the issue of editing and we’re going to give Turning Night and Stealing Sunlight a second round, with an editor, once we find one up to the task. I’ll go through it again myself.

Turning Night suffered from having several word processors crash incessantly under the weight of 350 pages, and it needs a solid tidy. Stealing Sunlight was half-written, then shelved for a year, then picked up and finished.

That’s all neither here nor there. We do the best we can with what we have, and I do have the power to give things a second pass, now that we have more resources to do so.

I’ve had far worse critiques, and we’ll move forward.

The serial story for wattpad is giving me some woe, but it’s coming together and there’s an open call for a 2500 word short that I think I have an idea to use.

Most nights I’m zinging out 500-3000 words, and trying to stay on top of the ideas burbling up from the tub o’ inspiration.

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