Post ConCarolinas

I’m back from Charlotte/Concord/Kannapolis North Carolina. Hey. I got around.

Played tourist at the Dale Earnhardt statue ( I don’t think he was that tall in real life). Visited the Concord Arts Center, ate way too much greasy food much to my innard’s distress. More on that at the end.

The con itself: expertly run, organized, planned. Most friendly, and really pleasant. Met Michael Hogan of BSG fame, mostly because we’re both canadians and any canadians in vicinity to one another at an event must surely meet. Charming dude. And congratulated John Scalzi on his book deal ( to which I said “i’m glad it’s you and not me!” and I do mean that!)

Did my three panels, and they went relatively…ok. One with a moderator who was unaware it wasn’t a panel about her, and it veered wildly off course, one with a fantastic mod, and we all got to speak and one with a moderately done panel ( hint to some guests: let others talk too! mods! MOD!)

Didn’t make a fool of myself.:D

Submitted a short story to an anthology for consideration, and started a new short, and sometime this week the next two books in draft to be done for sometime next year.

And then my group and I got hit with food poisoning, and travel home was an absolute misery and I vaguely remember and I’m thinking that’s ok.

Home. Onward.

If you picked up the books at the show or by ebook, please, leave a comment or a review, i’m on good reads and amazon and they do mean a whole lot.

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